Bridge Building

Entities with noble (and compelling) agendas…

  • Ministry Staff –
  • Mission Leadership –
  • Donors –
  • Regulatory Agencies –

These four entities form the administrative environment of ministry.  Unfortunately, each entity has its own agenda, and those agendas very often collide in the mission’s business office.  Bridges can be built to minimize the impact of these conflicts.

Too often, assumptions are made that are not applicable to a given mission.  For instance, a few years ago, events happening in one unique agency began a move for other agencies to divide the income between husband and wife, regardless of circumstances. Often, that may have been the wrong thing to do, both legally and economically.  ACMin has been able to build a bridge between Staff, Leadership, and Regulatory Agencies that defines relationships and regulations and incorporates them into a system that is legal and in the best interests of all concerned.

The deputized fundraising practice often creates a serious breach of trust and confidence between all the above parties.  While it may be impossible to build bridges that will make everyone happy, while establishing accountability, much can be done to minimize the stress.

Compensation strategies largely come to us from decades old practices, which have become part of the culture of a mission.  Sometimes, it is difficult to implement needed changes without deeply offending those who “have done it this way for 40 years and it has worked just fine.”  Implementation strategies to avoid ministry damaging discontent must be developed.  ACMin can help.  It is our goal to implement credible processes with minimum disruption to the mission culture.  We can offer testimony of those who were pleasantly surprised with the relative ease with which great spans of accountability could be bridged.

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